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High-quality Water Softener Salt Supplier in Gujarat, India With a focus on water softener salt, we serve a variety of sectors while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Our salt ensures the efficient removal of hardness minerals, which is essential for industrial, commercial, and residential water softening requirements. We are committed to offering the best water softener salt available, guaranteeing that the water treatment systems in different industries operate at their best.

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Details of Salt Products
Details of Water Softener Salt

Product Type : Water Softener Salt
Processing Type : Evaporated or Mined
Appearance : Pellets or Crystals
Additive : Generally None (may contain trace minerals)
Shelf Life : 2 Years
Place of Origin : Gujarat
Certificate : ISO, SGS, HALAL
Foam : Pellets or Crystals
Packaging : PP Bag, Jumbo & Pallet
Purity : 99%
Weight : 25, 50, 1000 KG
Brand Name : Customs
Particle Size : Varies (pellets or crystals)

Multiple Packaging Options

SKC Salt offers high-quality Water Softener Salt with multiple packing options, including small bags, and sizes ranging from big bags, and (20, 25, 35, 40, 50) KG to 1 MT Jumbo bags with customized packing available to meet your specific requirements. 

Salt Multiple Packaging | SKC Salt

20 KG

Salt Multiple Packaging | SKC Salt

25 KG

Salt Multiple Packaging | SKC Salt

35 KG

Salt Multiple Packaging | SKC Salt

40 KG

Salt Multiple Packaging | SKC Salt

50 KG

Salt Multiple Packaging | SKC Salt

1 MT

Our Packing & Delivery Policy
  • We make use of only high-quality packaging material to ensure the longest shelf life of our products. Moreover, our advanced transit facilities ensure safe and timely delivery of the orders. We are able to deliver our range of products to buyers in Dubai, Africa, Malaysia, China, Bangladesh, and other countries.
  • SKC Industries LLP Quality Control team ensures its purity and taste are maintained at the highest standards and thanks to that, we are heading to become the most sought-after suppliers across borders.
Packing and Delievery
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